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3 Kathy Reynolds

I am a 36 year old mother of 2 boys who are 5 and almost 3.I work many long hours and mostly 6 days a week.When I first came to Lowe Chiropractic I was in pain due to lower back problems and had to adjust many basic things in order for me to function.I couldn’t put my socks on or sit on the floor with my boys.Dr. Lowe got me moving but then I stopped treatment due to finances.My insurance didn’t cover everything and I put my own health last.

Late October of 2008 I arrived back in the office walking on crutches.I was in terrible pain.Worse than I thought it would ever be.I spent all my free time in bed because I couldn’t do anything else.One thing I had been looking forward to all year was Halloween with my boys.I was so excited to be able to go trick or treating but that weekend I was pushed around in a wheelchair because I couldn’t walk.

I was concerned about my finances but I also realized that if I wanted to live a happier life I needed to put my health first.I needed to be able to be a Mother and a good Mother but how could I if I couldn’t even move?My other concern was time.I work a lot of hours and the type of job I have you can’t call in sick.I love my job.It is very fulfilling but again how could I continue to perform at my best when I couldn’t even move?I decided for myself and my family I needed to make it work.I had to put aside that feeling of selfishness that absorbs me when I put myself first and I did.

Dr. Lowe had me walking within 3 days.I progressed quickly and within 3 months I was running!I haven’t been able to run in years.I always wanted to be able to run a marathon.I have now completed a 5k, 10k and I am working towards 10 miles.I run what I can and walk when I need to.What is so wonderful is that I can play with my boys and they are proud of me. They have watched me cross the finish line of a race and it was the best feeling in the world to see their faces and the excitement they had for me. I have more energy, strength and my mood is 100 times better.I am motivated.I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months because I can move.My family is now doing Tae Kwon Do, something else I always wanted to do.

I never thought that by putting myself first I would actually be benefiting my boys.I take better care of myself and they are learning that it’s a good thing to care for oneself.I am motivated in ways I never thought were possible anymore.I thought that this was the lot I had been dealt so deal with it.I thought my youth was done.I am 36 years old and there is no reason to feel any of those things.I have been given the gift of health.

I love life because I can.


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Did You Know?

Chiropractic is 120yrs old!  Happy Birthday Chiropractic!

Did You Know?

The Joint Commission is a group that sets guidelines for over 20,000 health care facilities in the United States. They revised their pain management standards for low back pain, effective January 2015. They recommend non-drug therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, osteopathic manipulative therapy, relaxation therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Did You Know?

Proper rest and relaxation are an important part of the healing process?  Our brains secret growth hormone and other substances important to the healing process while we are asleep.

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I highly recommend Dr. Lowe and his staff to anyone who has been suffering with back, leg or joint pain.

Ila Swick
Louisville, KY

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